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Blackberry software and popular downloads

Menu Mate 4.2.1
Menu mate is a small application for your blackberry which lets you launch predefined applications, with this software you can also add for example a short SMS number to the menu of your blackberry, in this way you can send an SMS to your favourite contact within a few simple clicks
Spionard 4.2
With spionard for blackberry you can use your blackberry as a mobile surveillance system. Place your blackberry anywhere in your house, and let it call a predefined number or contact when a certain sound level is reached. Spionard also lets you to set the minimum interval between alert calls, avoiding false alarms caused by regular loud noises from neighboring properties. The system acts as your
Stormlock OS 4.7
Did you ever manage to mess around or to end your call because you touched the touchscreen with your face? Well, stormlock is a tiny blackberry application which disables the touchscreen while you are in a call. Stormlock will also disable itself once your call has finished. Requires a Blackberry OS 4.7 touchscreen enabled device
Civilization IV
One of Sid Meier's most popular games, Civilization, is back with a mobile blackberry game version, you will just love this game and spend hours and hours of extra time with your blackberry once you start playing…. This version should work with at least Blackberry OS 4.2
Blackberry Screenstreamer
Blackberry Screenstreamer is freeware blackberry software which allows you to stream your blackberry screen on your desktop, just install the software on your desktop, connect your blackberry and you're ready to go… Requires blackberry OS 4.02 or greater
Implus messenger
IM+ is a chat client for blackberry which gathers the most important instant messenger programs in one program which can be installed on your blackberry. Keep in touch with all your MSN®/ Windows Live Messenger™, Yahoo!®, ICQ®, AIM®/iChat, Jabber®, Google Talk™ and MySpaceIM® friends all around the world. You can contact all messengers simultaniously, have real time communications between black
MemoryUp RAM Booster
MemoryUp RAM Booster blackberry software from emobistudio is a powerful Java virtual machine (JVM) management and RAM boosting. It takes control of JVM for each BlackBerry system, smartly analyze running J2ME programs
COMPATIBLE BLACKBERRIES: Blackberry 7520, 7100X, 8310, 8703e, 7100g, 7750, 7230, 8830, 8700c, 7130g, 7250, 7100T, 8820, 8705g, 7105t, 7780, 6720, Curve 8300, 8700g, 7130v,
Zhiing 4.7
Berry Assistant
Berry Assistant
Multi Click icons 4.7 - 5.0
Multi Click icons
Write on Wallpaper 4.7
Write on wallpaper
Vuvuzela Blackberry 4.7
Blackberry Vuvuzela
Easy Locator GPS
Easy Locator GPS
SBSH Historia
SBSH Historia blackberry history logger
Antair Snippets
Antair Snippets
Mortgage Refinancing Pro
Mortgage refinancing
Best Countdown 4.5
Best Countdown
Health File Plus
Health File Plus
Ultra Today Plus
Ultra Today Plus


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