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Blackberry Blackberry Communication : Message Peek 4.2

Blackberry Communication : Message Peek 4.2

Message Peek SMS preview software for blackberry does actually not just preview messages on your blackberry, no it displays the full message as soon as it arrives without the need of going to your inbox first.
  • Preview SMS/Email messages on your BlackBerry the second they arrive.
  • Reply, Reply All and Forward messages directly from Message Peek preview.
  • Open Messages Inbox or Mark the message as read directly from Message Peek preview.
  • Black List Contacts - Select from your contacts and Emails from selected contacts will not preview.
  • Message Peek automtically turns on screen back light when message arrives (For 15 seconds, can be disabled).
  • Web links on message opens BlackBerry browser directly from Message Peek preview.
  • Clicking on Email addresses on message preview opens BlackBerry message composer automatically.
  • Message previews fades out according to your choice of time.
  • Message preview look and feel can be configured according you your preferences.
  • Ability to enable/disable message preview from numerous email accounts and SMS.
  • All BlackBerry devices from OS 4.2 and above are supported (This includes the BlackBery Curve, BlackBerry Storm, BlackBerry Bold, BlackBerry Javelin, BlackBerry Pearl,BlackBerry Pearl flip and BlackBerry 8700/8800 series)

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