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Blackberry Blackberry games : Sol Mania

Blackberry games : Sol Mania

Sol Mania is a collection of solitaire card games for blackberry.

  • Play 29 of the most popular solitaire card games with plenty of options to manage the difficulty level and your preferences
  • Great, crisp clear graphics adjusts to your screen size
  • The most responsive and intuitive user interface
  • Configurable autoplay
  • Restart the same game, Bookmark, Save/Restore and Undo
  • One click escape to the ribbon saves the game state (Boss Button)
  • Extensive scoring and success rate statistics
  • On screen help for each game with extensive information for the game rules, scoring and play shortcuts
  • Self configurable shortcut menus to the most played games
  • Self configurable card image sets to best fit your device screen resolution
  • NEW! Background image on the game screens. Allows you to select any image on your device and put it on the background of the game screens
  • NEW! English and German user interface. The language of the application is chosen automatically depending of devices language.

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