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Blackberry Call Management

the Blackberry call management software category contains different software packages which allow you to manage everything related to the phone option on the blackberry
With 3WayCall for blackberry its easy to start up a conference call on your blackberry, just choose the 2 parties from your address book which you want to call and start the call...

Requires Blackberry OS v3.8
auto redial pro
if you are getting nuts about calling busy numbers this blackberry application might take over your job from now on, just fill in some parameters, and when calling a busy number this auto redial pro blackberry software will continue calling until you get through, or until the maximum number of attempts has passed. This software works with blackberry OS 4.1
Call Logger OS 4.1+
Call Logger for blackberry OS 4.1+ makes it possible to log every call in your blackberry calendar, so you have a full overview of all your calls and the date when they were made…
Caller blacklist
this caller black and whitelist tool for blackberry detects unwanted incomming calls such as those from your mother in law and rejects them automatically. You can even block private or unknown numbers! Guranteed to work on Blackberry OS 4.0.2
this small piece of blackberry software blocks selected phonenumbers automatically or transfers them to your voicemail. Requires Blackberry OS 4.1
EZConCall is a conference tool for your blackberry which automatically finds and calls your concall passcodes. This tool requires blackberry OS 4.0 or greater
Country code detector
This tool can instantly give you the country call codes for 263 countries. Ideal for business users who travel all over the world…
NotNow Blackberry Call Avoider
NotNow is the ideal application for the bussy Blackberry user, this briljant piece of Blackberry software allows you to automatically hold incomming calls and send an automated SMS to the caller in which you can ask him to try again in 30 minutes, or that you will call him back… Compatible with Blackberry OS 4.2 and up
BBAssistant is powerful assistant tools for BlackBerry, With BBAssistant you can do: Vibrate when out Calling was connect. Set the vibrate time by yourself. Get a voice notify when call was disconnect by other side. User can set the voice volume. You can quickly create new calendar when calling was disconnect. LED and Vibrate notify where you are NO Signal. Friendly, easy to use software designed
Dexmobile is conferencing software for your blackberry containing OS 4.2 or greater which does not only allow you to perform a one click call to 5 participants but which also allows you to keep track of the calls, add notes and title for further reference.
i call manager light
i call manager light is call filtering software for blackberry OS 4.2 or up You can drop, send busy tone, mute tune, hang up or send the call to voicemail depending on its profile.
  •   Stylish and Easy to Use User Interface.
  •   Custom Profiles.
  •   Simple to Use Call Filter Rules: Do Not Disturb, Off Mode, Blacklist, Whitelist, Address Book.
Pocketday Start OS45
Pocketday start is Blackberry software. allows users to completely customize and have quick access to all of their favorite apps, contacts and web sites as well as the built in BlackBerry information with only a few screen taps. Like the application says it's best practice would be on the blackberry storm or any other blackberry which makes use of a touchscreen. Notice that you will need blackber
Antair Call Screener 2-0-3 OS 42
Antair Call Screener 2.0.3 will automatically block calls based on predefined rules such as number, area code, call type, etc. Antair Call Screener is compatible with blackberry OS 4.2 and up
Advanced Call Manager 4.2.1
Group your contacts in to different caller groups and set profiles for each group or for individuals, accept calls or reject calls depending on the group they are in, you can even reply with a personalized SMS message
Blackberry Alerts 4.2.2
Blackberry Alerts informs you of missed calls and SMS messages. You can set both Led and Sound repeaters to remind you of a missed message.


  • Schedules: weekday and weekend
  • Silent mode option to work with color LED notification
  • Separate profile mode to allow different ring tones for each alert
  • Defined alert prioriti
With Vopium for blackberry you can save up to 90% on international calls! With vopium you call a local line, and vopium redirects the call to whatever country you want for a bottom-rock price! Works from blackberry OS 4.2 on
Add number as

Add number as makes it a lot easier for you to add new contacts to your phonebook. 3 actions are required to add a new contact:

1. Select a Call Log entry or SMS message which you want to add to the Address Book.
2. Press the Menu key, select Add Number As item. Depending on application settings you may be asked to select a phone number type (e.g. Work, Home, Mobile).

Smartalerts 4.2.1
Smartalerts does not only give you the possibility to use different ringtones for different contacts, no you can even add different sounds for arriving mails, led your LED blink when you receive a reply on your forum or even when your favourite TV show starts, in short: smartalerts blackberry software is the ultimate alerting tool!
Never be surprised again when you receive your blackberry phone bill with this dynamic PhoneBill icon, set the maximum amount which you want to spend monthly and you will see the dynamic icon fill up everytime you make a call until you reach your monthly limit. Notice that the icon can be set to work on a daily average basis, so you can see each day if you went over your average allowance or not.
Neatcall mobile scheduler and communicator finds the optimal time slot of any interaction and connects all users to any type of event e.g. conference call, chat, web meeting and video conferencing. You choose the communication you want to hold, pick the participants from your Blackberry contacts list, and suggest several available time slots, synchronized with your Blackberry calendar. Neatcall wi
Zhiing 4.7
Berry Assistant
Berry Assistant
Multi Click icons 4.7 - 5.0
Multi Click icons
Write on Wallpaper 4.7
Write on wallpaper
Vuvuzela Blackberry 4.7
Blackberry Vuvuzela
Easy Locator GPS
Easy Locator GPS
SBSH Historia
SBSH Historia blackberry history logger
Antair Snippets
Antair Snippets
Mortgage Refinancing Pro
Mortgage refinancing
Best Countdown 4.5
Best Countdown
Health File Plus
Health File Plus
Ultra Today Plus
Ultra Today Plus


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