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Blackberry games

Cool games for your blackberry
Color lines v1
Color Lines for blackberry, one of the most famous and easy boardgames is now transferred into a blackberry compatible game.

compaitbility guaranteed with the next blackberry models: 7780, 7100X, 8700g, 7130v, 7520, 7100R, 7130e, Pearl 8100, 7100T, 8700r, 7100i, 7510, 8707v, 7130c, 7100V, 8703e, 7100g, 7750, 8700c, 7130g, 7730, 8705g, 7105t
Texas Hold'em
Texas hold'em for blackberry gives you the possibility to play versus up to 22 players at 4 different game speeds and many more options. Gentlemen raise your stakes with texas hold'em for blackberry!

Works great on all blackberries using a color screen.
Aces Solitaire
load your blackberry with aces solitaire games such as FreeCell, Spider, Klondike, Pyramid, Yukon, Canfield. If you like to have blackberry card games, you must have aces solitaire uploaded to your blackberry

BlackBerry OS 4.0 and higher is required
Solitaire buddy gold
Solitaire buddy for blackberry gold is a huge collection of blackberry solitaire games such as Klondike, FreeCell, Spider and a shitload more. Never feel bored again when you have your blackberry in the neighbourhood!

Requires a color blackberry with blackberry OS 4.0 or higher
Par 72 Golf
Par 72 is a realistic 3D golf game for blackberry where you can compete on 18 holes including bunkers, ponts, realistic wind and aerodynamics, select your golf club and use the wind indicator to go below par on this great golf game for blackberry.

Requires RIM blackberry OS version 3.8 or later
Card Pack Gold
with card pack gold you will never be bored again, with card pack gold for blackberry you will have different cool card games on your blackberry such as Blackjack, Poker, Solitaire, Red Dog and HiLo.

Requires Blackberry OS v4.0
UNO is probably one of the most famous card games ever made, so it was about time that they brought UNO to blackberry… with this game you can play with the classic UNO rules or even create your own ones… and remember…. If you have only one card left… shout UNO or take some extra cards…

a color Blackberry will be required to play this game
Real Dice World
Real Dice World is one of the first online gaming communities for blackberry. Play Holdem, Backgammon, Chess, Mahjong, Sudoku online on your blackberry. New games are added monthly, Real Dice World has already thousands of online players! So why wouldn't you joing this online blackberry gaming community?
Aces Blackjack
With Aces Blackjack for blackberry you can play conventional Blackjack or you can play one of the two high score games.
Lost In the Pyramid
Lost in the Pyramid is a fresh funny adventure game for all blackberries with Blackberry OS 4.x and up
Smart Educational Games

Smart Educational games is a pack of blackberry software games that helps you learn world Geography (States, Counties, Capital Cities), improves your memory, your mental awareness and your calculating speed.

Specially designed for both Grown-ups and Kids
The program is suitable for both Grown-ups and kids.
A simple button changes the difficulty o

Personality Psychology Pro

A huge pack of personality test & games
presented in a pleasant / funny way.
By these Psychology tests & games you can realize much more about yourself and about your companion (Sexual partner). You can analyze your personality and find out what is on your mind.

You can use this program to understand yourself, to find more about a close per

Paintball 2
Paintball 2 is the award winning game for Blackberry.

Game Objective:
You have to make groups of 3 or more balls of the same color. These groups must be made next to a pipe. Paint balls by selecting them (with arrow keys) and pressing the action key on them. When you press the action button on the ball you wish to paint, the ball changes co


Snake, one of the first games ever made for cellphones is now available for your blackberry. Use your blackberry keys to stear the snake to the fruit which will make it longer. Just dont crash with your snake into the border of your blackberry screen. But notice that this is not just regular snake, this is snake deluxe with some cool extra features such as:

Heart: You get one more life


In Psarakia you will need to make horizontal or vertical pairs of two and more same fish. You can see the frozen fish ice cubes; defrost them by breaking the ice!

Break the ice of each fish group, by holding the pen down on the screen and moving it on each fish without letting go. The ice will break and the fish will appear. After a while

Asteroid Jane
In Asteroid Jane for blackberry you must bring fitter back home during a grueling competition. Some of the gamefeatures are:
  • Unique and exciting game-play.
  • Explore 50 challenging levels.
  • Discover strange new items.
  • Pick up valuable power-ups.

  • Notice that this game is supported on the next blackberry models:
Blackberry Video Poker

This cool videopoker game for blackberry
Features six variants of Video Poker in one great game, including single and multi-hand modes of play.

  • Jacks or Better.
  • Joker Poker.
  • Deuces Wild.
  • Five-hand Jacks or Better.
  • Five-hand Joker Poker.
  • Five-hand Deuces Wild.

Supported blackberry m

Blackberry Video Slots

This video slots for blackberry game packs 3 different video slot machines into 1 great casino game, and all this on your blackberry!
some of the cool ingame options are:

  • 3 Reel and 5 Reel Slot Machines.
  • Multiple Play Lines.
  • Variable Betting.
  • Wildcard Slots.
  • Hold Reel Options.

this game supports all

Streetracer 1.7
In streetracer 1.7 you travel from Los Angeles via Arizona Desert and to New York. You will need to drive stolen vehicles, including a Truck! across a given track, and without being caught by the cops! ignition on, and try to avoid the cops, this blackberry game will give you fun for several hours…
this is an easy to understand card game for blackberry.

Game Objective:
You must make groups of cards:
1) 2 pairs (2+2)
2) 3 of the kind (3)
3) Full house (3+2)
4) 4 of the kind (4)
These groups are made like in Poker. Once the groups are made the cards are replaced
Guitar Hero Mobile
install Guitar Hero mobile on your blackberry and you will instantly start jamming on your blackberry
Euchre Canastra
These 2 blackberry games can be installed on devices with blackberry OS 4.0 or higher, they both are guaranteed to deliver you hours of instant card fun! Enjoy the high quality cards or try to beat your own statistics
Sudoku is one of the most popular mind breaking games of the moment, now you will be able to fill in the correct numbers into the grid everywhere with sudoku for blackberry
Try to remove 2 matching pieces on the field untill every single piece is removed. This is mahjong for blackberry, available for blackberry 8100, 8300 and 8800 models
so you are addicted to casino games? Well, we have a safer version for you which will cost you a lot less: blackjack for blackberry, available for blackberry 8100, 8300 and 8800
This hearts card game for blackberry is a 4 in one game with 4 different variants: Black Lady, Spot, Greek and Omnibus. It even allows you to play online agains 3 other live players, offcourse you can also just play agains AI bots. Hearts for blackberry brings back the good old times of MS Hearts
Have your own mini casino always with you in your pocket with Roulette for blackberry. Play red, black or numbers and raise your stakes without having to spend your precious money…
Parking Jam Blackberry Curve
Parking jam is a funny puzzle game for blackberry where you need to solve the parking puzzle with the colored cars as soon as possible! Hours of blackberry game fun ensured!
free blackberry games bubblepopper
this bubblepopper based on puzzle bobble is one of these free blackberry games which you never get bored off, just shoot the bubbles from the sky and start beeting your previous record! Blackberry game fun ensured!
bubblepopper game
bubblepopper is one of those addicting games for blackberry curve and best of all, its completely blackberry freeware too!
blackberry battleship
this classic game is now also available for blackberry: blackberry battleship, bomb all enemy ships before your blackberry bombs yours….
Blackberry Poker odds calculator
For the Texas Holdem fans amongst us, we bring you the poker odds calculator, this small blackberry application might deceide for you if you will walk away with millions or leave the room broke…
3D Volcano island (pearl, curve, 8800)
3D Volcano Island is a game for blackberry where you are mysteriously swept away from your vacation cruise to find yourself on a haunted volcano island… This game requires a BlackBerry Pearl, Curve or 8800
3D Nine hole golf (pearl, curve, 8800)
3D 9 hole golf for blackberry is an easy to control and very cool blackberry software game for your blackberry 8800, curve or pearl. Your turn now to become the mobile tiger woods…
This freecell software is available for the BlackBerry Pearl 8100 Curve 8300 or 8800 Series
this is the classic windows minesweeper game, but this time it can be installed on your blackberry… use your trackball to mark the mines in the minefield. Try to clear the minefield to win the game. This game was designed for Blackberry OS 4.2

Experience classic gameplay with this extremely addictive and fun to play arcade puzzle game! The game is simple but your goal is not; collect as many pearls as possible from the Tiki gods.

If four or more pearls of the same colour touch each other, they are annihilated. Use this knowledge to your advantage and try to survive as long as possible. Don't forget to go for the COMB

Civilization IV
One of Sid Meier's most popular games, Civilization, is back with a mobile blackberry game version, you will just love this game and spend hours and hours of extra time with your blackberry once you start playing…. This version should work with at least Blackberry OS 4.2
3D constructo combat OS 4.2
3D Constructo Combat is a blackberry software game for blackberry devices using OS 4.2 or greater, the target of this game: Build your buildings on a variety of landscapes and prevent opponents from doing the same before you run out of time…
3D lawn darts OS 4.2+
in this 3D game for blackberries using blackberry OS 4.2 or greater you must throw your darts to circles on your lawn instead of a dartsboard
Aces Omaha No Limit Poker OS 4.2
Aces Omaha No Limit Poker is a variant on the popular Texas Holdem poker game, in this pokergame you receive 4 cards from the dealer instead of the regular 2 for texas holdem. This blackberry game can be played on OS 4.2 or up
to stop the red wizard from ruling this world, you, a guarding angel were summoned to beat this evil force. This is angelsword for blackberry
PBA Bowling
this Professional Bowler's Association game for blackberry (minimum OS 4.2) allows you to play 3D bowling on your blackberry under the most realistic conditions
Super Mega Sudoku
Super Mega Sudoku is an all in one sudoku game which contains Classic, Battle, and Challenge Sudoku in one game
Tank Ace
tank ace for blackberry OS 4.0 is a blackberry game which can bring you hours of fun in destroying the enemies tanks on the field
Vegas Pool Sharks
in Vegas Pool Sharks for blackberry OS 4.0 and greater you must play against four predatory casino hustlers with increasing skill levels
Air Traffic Controller
in this blackberry game for OS 4.0 or greater YOU are the leader of a gigantic airport, accidents are heading your way…
BBQuiz Geo
BBQuiz Geo for blackberry OS 4.1 lets you improve your geographical knowledge
Treasure Reef
Treasure reef Blackberry Game for OS 4.0 or greater. Rumor has it that a pirate ship sank out on Treasure Reef holding ten giant pearls and a mystery treasure. Fact is nobody has ever made it back to tell. Between the rocks, rip tides, stingrays, and sharks there isn't a lot of leeway for wrong moves. Correction: make that no leeway at all. Drive your watercraft on the map looking for likely spo
Uno Freefall
the easiest explication for this Blackberry game OS 4.2 compatible is: Uno meets Tetris
Nintaii blackberry puzzle game
Nintaii is an addicting japanese puzzle game for your Blackberry. The objective of the game is to tumble a rectangular block through each stage and deposit it into the square hole at the end. This blackberry game contains over 100 stages in the full version! The requirement in order to play this game is that your blackberry has a trackball
Magic Garden
Magic Garden is a game for blackberries using OS 4.0 or up.

  • Fun for all ages
  • Non-violent game play
  • 4 seasons, each with its own graphic set and music
  • 48 challenging levels
  • Unlimited Undo to avoid dead ends
  • Best result saved for each level
  • Easy-to-learn interface
Aces Mahjong OS 4.2 blackberry game
an other blackberry version of this popular game for blackberries using OS 4.2
Wordsearch blackberry game
in this wordsearch game for blackberry OS 4.2 or greater you will need to find back different words in one of the 40 rearranged puzzles
Spelling Bee OS 4.2 and higher
spelling bee will spell you a word, and afterwards you need to type this word without mistakes in order to win the game. Cool learning blackberry software game for Blackberry OS 4.2 and higher
Frutakia game
In this addictive blackberry software game you must make groups of 3 or more same fruits/items at any direction! There are 5 different fruits and 2 different items. 'Blanks' can also appear. The 'bell' scores more points than the fruits and the ?super item’ scores the most!

* Supports all latest devices.
* 16bit crystal clear graphics!
Blackberry Marble Trap game
Marble Trap is a blackberry color puzzle game where you need to escape your marble from a trap.
Sid Meiers pirates OS 42
Sid Meiers pirates for blackberry OS 4.2 is a blackberry game for all true pirates out there!


Sid Meiers Pirates game for blackberry features:

  • Stays true to the classic Sid Meier`s Pirates! game with mass market appeal.
  • Use strategy and skill to build character attributes.
  • Entertaining
SU Spider
SU Spiders game for blackberry 8xxx or 9xxx features about 20 variants of the popular spider solitaire game.


  • Categorized solitaires list by playing time and complexity
  • Current game state saved for the last 10 played solitaires
  • Two keyboard navigation types
  • Unlimited undo
  • Show Next Mo
SU Klondike
SU Klondikes for Blackberry 88xx or 9xxx brings you 25 popular variants of the popular Klondike card game for blackberry.


  • Categorized solitaires list by playing time and complexity
  • Current game state saved for the last 10 played solitaires
  • Two keyboard navigation types
  • Unlimited undo
  • Show Ne
SU Freecells
20 FreeCell game variations from Solitaires Unlimited collection for the blackberry 88xx and 9xxx.


  • Categorized solitaires list by playing time and complexity
  • Current game state saved for the last 10 played solitaires
  • Two keyboard navigation types
  • Unlimited undo
  • Show Next Move
Liner blackberry game OS 40
Liner is a board game for blackberry OS 4.0 and up (except Blackberry OS 4.7). It originates from school notebooks and is known only as a soccer game. It's one of the paper and pencil games for two players. A player leads a ball and tries to score a goal. When he scores a goal the game is over. Its difficulty recalls checkers.
Daughter in the Box
Daugter in the Box is a Chinese Puzzle Game where you have to move blocks of various size around with as only target to move the large block to the exit
Railroad Tycoon 4.2 to 4.6
Sid Meiers classic Railroad Tycoon was converted into a blackberry game, pure fun ensured!

  • Based on the classic Sid Meier's game series with mass market appeal.
  • Action packed strategy game with a variety of historical scenarios based in the 19th century.
  • Unlock new trains as you play in campaign mode.
  • Build an empire - manag
Cant Stop Solitaire
Cant stop solitaire for blackberry is a blackberry game which contains over 250 solitaire games
Hidato 4.2.1
playing this Blackberry Puzzle Game is simple, fill the grid with consecutive numbers that connect horizontally, vertically or diagonally to solve the puzzle. Hidato works from blackberry OS 4.2.1 on
BBVideopoker 2 - 4.2
Turn your blackberry into a videopoker machine with BBVideoPoker 2 designed for the blackberry curve and the blackberry bold
Queen Knight Game 4.5 4.6
in this blackberry game you need to place all chess queens on the board without letting them cross each other. In the knight game for blackberry you need to let your knights cover the whole board. 2 in 1 mini fun blackberry games
RIMdrops 4.5
RIMdrops for blackberry is a fast paced-game in which you need to remove identical colored bubbles in increasing difficult circumstances. This game features 3 levels: easy-medium-hard.


  • BlackBerry RIM OS 4.2, 4.3, 4.5 or 4.6
  • BlackBerry Unit with 320x240 or 480x320 resolution
  • BlackBerry Unit with Trackball
Cubelogic 2D
Cubelogic 2D is a blackberry game which uses your blackberry storms touch screen, 10 pre installed puzzles vary in difficulty from child to senior puzzle maniacs
Blackhole 4.2
in the Blackberry Blackhole game you must navigate more then half of the balls in the black hole to win the game. The ball dies as soon as it hits the wall 4 times. Can you beat it?
Name This Country 4.2.1
Name this country is a geographical quiz for blackberry
Mem Card Game 4.5 - 4.6
in this braintrainer game for blackberry you must open the displayed cards without opening the fire cards
Sudoku Xtreme 4.2.1
in Sudoku Xtreme for blackberry you will have to solve some extremely difficult sudoku puzzles, only for the advanced and skilled players!
Sol Mania
Sol Mania is a collection of solitaire card games for blackberry.

  • Play 29 of the most popular solitaire card games with plenty of options to manage the difficulty level and your preferences
  • Great, crisp clear graphics adjusts to your screen size
  • The most responsive and intuitive user interface
  • Configurable autoplay
satisfy the endless appetite of this fruitaholic cannibal in this funny blackberry game. How it works? There are two caldrons side by side filled up with fruits. You must move the fruits around to match the lines of them in these two caldrons. Then the cannibal will eat them and new ones will come. This is no easy task since moving each caldron’s fruits will cause it to heat and eventually burn th
Zhiing 4.7
Berry Assistant
Berry Assistant
Multi Click icons 4.7 - 5.0
Multi Click icons
Write on Wallpaper 4.7
Write on wallpaper
Vuvuzela Blackberry 4.7
Blackberry Vuvuzela
Easy Locator GPS
Easy Locator GPS
SBSH Historia
SBSH Historia blackberry history logger
Antair Snippets
Antair Snippets
Mortgage Refinancing Pro
Mortgage refinancing
Best Countdown 4.5
Best Countdown
Health File Plus
Health File Plus
Ultra Today Plus
Ultra Today Plus


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