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Blackberry office tools

Office tools for the blackberry
Database Viewer Plus
Blackberry Database Viewer Plus gives you the possibility to view and Synchronize Microsoft Access, Excel, Oracle, MySQL, SQL Server or any odbc compliant database with BlackBerry. You can Add, Update or Delete records on your BlackBerry. Create new databases. Make a phone call from your transferred database directly. Send database as an attachement from one BlackBerry to another and many more fun
bankarama 2.1.5
Bankarama is an easy to use balance tracker for blackberry. Never forget what expenses you had or did when you have bankarama installed on your blackberry!

this software should be compatible with the next blackberry models: 7250, 7100X, 8820, 8705g, 7105t, 7780, 7230, Curve 8300, 8700g, 7130v, 7280, 7100T, Pearl 8120, 7100R, 7130e, Pearl 8100, 7290, 8707g, 8700r, 7100i, 7510, 7100V, 72
Ascendo iJuggle for BlackBerry 1.1
This list manager for blackberry makes it possible to manage Tasks with priorities, status, due date, stay informed on action items etc. Ascendo is your ideal blackberry list manager
Ascendo DataVault for BlackBerry.3.55
Ascendo DataVault is a secured encrypted datavault for your blackberry where you can store important and secret data safely on your blackberry such as passwords, important files, etc. this truely is THE blackberry software for the security geeks...
Requirements: Blackberry OS 3.8 and above, 250kb of free disk space
Ascendo Money
Ascendo Money is a Comprehensive personal finance manager for blackberry. Manage your checkbook or creditcard expenses without problems through your blackberry.
Requirements: BlackBerry OS 3.8 and above, 250k free disk space.
DocHawk Platinum attachment booster
Boost your blackberry attachments. full-page pan/zoom of Adobe PDF, Word, WordPerfect, Excel, PowerPoint and eFax. And it does what some similar programs won't do: it keeps the original presentational layout.
Repligo Pro
Turn your BlackBerry into a mobile office. With RepliGo Professional, email attachments such as PDF, Microsoft Office, WordPerfect, OpenOffice, faxes and photos can be viewed with a quality that rivals a desktop computer. Zoom in to see the complete details of every page, including fonts, graphics and tables. Read documents quickly using the innovative page reflowing technology.
RepliGo Prof
VR Plus
VR+ is a voice recorder for blackberry. With VR Plus you can record, email and play back voice memos whenever you want. You can even submit your recorded messages through the integrated VR tool.
Requires Blackberry OS 4.2 (blackberry 8100, 8300, 8800 or upgraded 8700)
Pocketday Professional
Pocketday Professional for blackberry offers complete device integration in one completely customizable user interface. Display your missed calls, unread e-mail, calendar, tasks, weather, news, stocks, search, world times, or use the sports plugin on one blackberry today screen.

Requirements: color Blackberry with OS 4.1 or higher
Espell is an In-Line On-the-Fly spelling checker for blackberry which gives an accurate spelling check for your emails, documents, SMS messages. Specialized and personal dictionaries can be added to this blackberry spell checker.

Requires RIM OS 4.0
Todo Matrix 2007
Todo Matrix for blackberry is a high performance task management application for blackberry which lets you keep track of different tasks and sub-tasks at the same time.
some of the most important features of To do matrix are:
  • Unlimited categories and project folders
  • Multiple reminder alert options
  • Award-winning Super*Snooze system 5
MSDict Concise Oxford American Dictionary and Thesaurus
MSDict Concise Oxford American Dictionary and Thesaurus includes more then 180,000 entries and definitions in the in the dictionary, and more than 15,000 entries in the thesaurus. It also contains a quick, dynamic search
Antair Spam Filter
Antair blackberry spam filter stops spam directly on your BlackBerry device without desktop applications, corporate servers, third-party filtering or forward settings. Simply download and install, and Antair Spam filter begins filtering immediately, so your BlackBerry stays Spam-free. Antair Spam Filter is even smart enough to catch spam that evades other spam filters and still smart enough to lea
with flexwallet you never have to worry again about loosing your important data, or loosing it to a 3rd party when you loose your blackberry. Flexwallet safely stores all important data such as credit card info, PIN numbers etc on your blackberry.
BBTask Pro
BBTask Pro for Blackberry allows you to filter, sort and check off tasks any way you like. It uses the internal task database and synchronizes with your existing desktop software regardless of what you use (Outlook, Notes, GroupWise, etc.) You can filter your tasks by completed tasks, date, subject, etc. View by today, tomorrow, this week Create a task right from an e-mail in your inbox.
Handbase is Relational Database Software for blackberry.
WorldMagic - World Time Clock
WorldMagic shows you the local time of different locations on your blackberry.
Expenselog Pro 2.0
Expenselog Pro 2.0 is a Blackberry expense tracker which uses the BlackBerry device's wireless network capabilities to its full advantage. Just a great tool to keep track of all your expenses…
Smart Converter
Smart Converter for blackberry converts the next things for you: area, length, volume, weight, temperature, speed, power, fuel consumption, angle, density, currency exchange and constant
Pocketday Lists
Pocketday lists for blackberry gives you the possibility to create different kinds of lists with custom fields and an alarm with a snooze
Wgarage Reverse phone lookup
Wgarage is an application which allows you to perform a reverse lookup of any phonenumber. Blackberry OS 4.0 is required to get Wgarage to work on your blackberry. So in other words, if you are called again by one of those numbers which you don't recognize, you just perform a reverse lookup on the missed phone, and in a matter of seconds you will get detailed information on the number
eword fully functional word processor blackberry software which enables easy creation and editing of word documents on your blackberry. Eword also gives you the possibility to create formatted emails. Files created with Eword can also be copied to the server using Wireless Document Delivery. This blackberry software is compatible with Microsoft word and you can use your blackberry desktop redirec
FastEntry allows the users to enter PIM-Data such as Contacts, Datebook-Entries and ToDos more efficient and faster due to its unique and user-friendly interface. You don't have to change into every single application to enter data, now you have everything in one screen, thats right, one screen. In other words, you will forget less just because you always have the correct screen in front of you…
Berryvine Survey 8800
The berryvine purposes: Taking surveys
Survey templates created with BerryVine Survey can be used for generic numbered question based data gathering and can be used, among others, to replace all sorts of paper based surveys.

Generic data collection using forms
Form templates created with Berry

Blackberry fake calls
this blackberry software might save you from unwanted conversations or meetings by simulating an incomming call on your blackberry. This software works with Blackberry OS 4.2 and higher
Trafficgauge blackberry application
Trafficgauge is one of those blackberry applications which you just got to have when you spend a lot of time in your car, it shows you color maps showing light, medium, and heavy freeway traffic congestion.
Upvize workspaces
Upvize workspaces is an easy to use freeware blackberry application which makes your life at the office a lot easier…
Upvize Project manager
Upvize projects gives you the possibility to review on-going projects, important milestones, outstanding tasks and issues, and keep the info always at hand on your mobile
Upvize Business contacts
Mobile CRM has never been so simple. Enter a new contact, company, task or opportunity on your phone or web account, and it becomes instantly available to all users in your company. Works with blackberry OS 4.0
Upvize Contacts
Upvize contacts is a contacts manager which imports, backups, edits your phone contacts and sync them between your phone and web account
TrackIT Timezone edition lite
with TrackIT you will never call your family or business partners on the other side of the world by accident during the night; trackit gives you the current time in up to 6 different cities all over the world at the same time… this software requires a minimum of blackberry OS 4.0
TrackIT Timezone edition
This software is the complete edition of TrackIT timezone for blackberry lite.
Cram is software that allows users to create, import, and study tests on the go! for blackberry 8100, 8300 and 8800 with OS 4.2
Qwerty Convert
QWERTY Convert is a number converting utility and dialer that allows you to convert and dial vanity numbers such as 1-800-FLOWERS. Requirements: MIDP 2.0 Blackberry
Mail2Fax is a fax application for blackberry OS 3.6 or above which prints mails and attachments via a fax gateway
5 minute outliner
5 minute outliner for Blackberry makes outlines, notes, lists, projects on your blackberry. Easy to learn and use. This software requires RIM OS 2.0
MediaPOP attachment downloader OS 4.2.1
MediaPOP allows you to download attachments of 5 MB or greater straight to your Blackberry, so you will never need to use a computer again to download large files. MediaPOP for blackberry works for Blackberry OS 4.2.1 or up
This passwordgenerator can generate any password you want, just enter the requirements -does the password need numbers only, capital letters, etc- and press generate, the software will instantly generate a correct password for you… Requirements: The Blackberry device needs to have CLDC 1.1 and MIDP 2.0. You can check this on the "about" screen that has all the versions
Unit Convertor OS 4.2
this unitconvertor for blackberry OS 4.0 converts Units for Distance, Mass, Area, Volume, Velocity, Acceleration, Temperature and way more. Never have to think about a conversion again!
Antair Spamfilter 3 OS 4.1 plus
this is already the 3rd version of this spamfilter software for blackberries with OS 4.1 or greater
Rexconnect application integration
REXconnect for blackberry OS 4.2 or up enhances integration between BlackBerry software applications. Point and click to move data quickly and easily between BlackBerry e-mail, calendar, address book, etc.
Manage your money anytime, anywhere. Connect to your online bank from your desktop computer or wireless handheld and download transactions directly into SplashMoney. Create budgets and then track and analyze your spending with customizable reports and charts. Synchronize your phone with your desktop PC to Includes free desktop companion software for Windows.
Empower HTML email viewer
Empower for blackberry OS 4.1 or greater is an advanced HTML email viewer, never have to worry again about receiving emails on your blackberry containing images, smileys or other HTML objects, because with Empower HTML email viewer viewing emails on your blackberry is like viewing emails on your computer
Studentdocket for Blackberry OS 4.1 through 4.6 is blackberry software which includes class, assignment, and intuitive large project management. So this is the ideal student application
EZQuote blackberry portfolio tracker software for OS 4.0 helps you to monitor all your financial quotes for any stocks, bonds or mutual funds in one organized interface
Empower Instaspell
Empower Instaspell for blackberry OS 4.0.2 gives you instant spelling check abilities, never make spelling mistakes again
Secure Message
Secure Message blackberry OS 4.1 and up software uses military grade AES-256 encryption to prevent anybody from reading your company secrets
Listmanager for blackberry OS 4.2 and up gives you the possibility to create and manage lists or sets of data on your mobile phone. Choose between Single column, two column or Check List types, import/export
Profile Scheduler
Profile Scheduler for blackberry OS 4.1
with Bthink blackberry software for OS 4.1 you can create reminders with 2 clicks - integrates with email, phone and contacts, and less cumbersome than standard calendar.
MyCaption Blackberry speech recognition software
MyCaption is blackberry software for minimum OS 4.2.1 which allows you to dictate e-mails to your blackberry. You can even speak naturally, like "new paragraph " or "delete that " .


  • Speak Your Email. Speak freely and naturally.
  • Accurate transcription of your emails.
  • Standard length of up to 1 minute.
Blackberry MessageScheduler is blackberry software for OS 4.2.1 or up which allows you to schedule e-mail and PIN messages upfront, schedule your message now, it will be sent later
Mvoice blackberry voice memo recorder
Mvoice is blackberry software which allows you to create quick instant voice memos
Log2File blackberry software
Log2File is blackberry software for blackberry OS 4.2 or greater which allows you to export the phone and mail logs to a csv file
Agendus tightly integrates contacts, appointments and tasks in a single, easy to use, and feature rich blackberry application. Ideal to anyone looking for an all-in-one PIM solution. Requires Blackberry OS 4.2 or above
Firewall OS 42
Firewall is a call manager for blackberry which allows you to stop calls based on several composed rules. Never get spam calls again using this application.
KeepIt is a personal user id and password management application designed for Blackberry Smartphones model 7290 and up
Tbilisoft OS 402
Tbilisoft is a full option reminder tool for Blackberry OS 4.0.2 and up including alarm functions and date calculation functions
WBS is project manager software for the Blackberry 7200 and up
EveryHour OS 4.2.1
EveryHour is a simple and cool application that notifies BlackBerry owner about clock event: hour event and half an hour event. EveryHour uses sound notifications to notify about the event. User can choose one of predefined sound or select from own files, choose volume and other settings
Financial Ratio Analysis
Financial Ration Analysis for blackberry is useful to measure companies financial performance in long term solvency, short term liquidity, profitability and operations ; by means of most important financial ratios.
Some of the measurements:
  • Gross Profit
  • Operative Profit
  • Net Profit
  • Return on Equi
Beamreader OS 4.2
Beamreader is a Blackberry PDF reader and file manager that preserves original document quality and performs on-device native rendering with no server side preprocessing.

supported docs:
- PDF Documents
- Scanned / Fax PDFs
- Images (JPEG, PNG, BMP, GIF)
- MS Office Documents (launched via the BeamReader File Browser using other applications native to t
Beamreader OS 4.5
Beamreader is a Blackberry PDF reader and file manager that preserves original document quality and performs on-device native rendering with no server side preprocessing.

supported docs:
- PDF Documents
- Scanned / Fax PDFs
- Images (JPEG, PNG, BMP, GIF)
- MS Office Documents (launched via the BeamReader File Browser using other applications native to t
Money for Blackberry 4.2
Money for blackberry is blackberry software for OS 4.2 which might help you to manage your payments when you are at the office
BerrysoftCCNT 4.2
this blackberry software allows you to perform multiple tasks such as creating new calendar appointments or making notes during a call.
BBCard 4.2.1
BBCard software makes it easy to exchange V-Cards with other blackberry users using for example bluetooth.
MyCall Logs 4.2 and up
Mycall logs is blackberry software which creates a calendar event for all incomming, outgoing and missed calls you made from your blackberry.

* 8700 Series
* 8800 Series
* 8900
* Pearl
* Curve
* Bold
* Storm
CopyAll 4.1 and up
ever got annoyed when you tried to select all text in an email to copy it? Well this might be the ideal tool for you, CopyAll just selects all text in an email or task and copies it to the blackberry's clipboard
Berrysoft PanicScreen 4.2
BerrySoftPS changes your green "call" button into a panic screen button, if you suddenly notice that someone is reading your screen over your shoulder, just hit the green button and an instant screensaver will be activated without stopping your current application first.
Top Secret Mail
Top Secret Email encrypts your top secret message into an image, only with the top secret software and the decrypt password the image can be decrypted again into readable text. this is must have blackberry software for the spys amongst us
BuzzWX 4.5
retrieve METAR and TAF reports from the NOAA with BuzzWX, the ultimate blackberry tool for pilots. This blackberry software requires OS 4.5 to be installed on your phone
Add to contact
AddToContact gives you a very simple way to add a new phone number, E-Mail or PIN address to existing contacts with 3 easy steps: 1. Select a call log entry, SMS, E-Mail or PIN message from which you want to add info. 2. Press the Menu key, select ''Add To Existing Contact'' item. 3. Select a contact from list to which you want add info. If you adding a phone number you may be prompted to select p
Berrypad 4.6
Berrypad is easy to use blackberry texteditor software, edit texts or check spelling with this useful software for blackberry OS 4.6
MyTimeSheet is the ideal consultancy tool to track your billable hours and costs such as worked hours or time spend on the road, with MyTimeSheet for blackberry you will be able to give your boss a complete overview of all spent business hours
Jaccount 4.2 - 4.6
Jaccount is Blackberry accountancy software which uses the double-entry method to give you a true professional mobile business accounting application.
Wireless Data Viewer Plus 4.2
With Wireless Data Viewer Plus you can use your blackberry to access several database formats such as: MS Access, MS Excel, Oracle, SQL Server, FoxPro, dBase and any ODBC Compliant Databases
DoInventory Plus 4.2
DoInventory Plus is asset tracking and inventory software for your blackberry. With DoInventory Plus you will be able to make about every possible inventory you could wish. Features:
  • PC Companion Software - Included for easy access to DoInventory™ data on your desktop, including import, export, printing, and more!
  • Search - The versatile
SplashID 4.5
SplashID is a password protection tool for your blackberry, it stores your password in an encrypted file, unique for SplashID is that your passwords will also be accessible over the desktop manager using the special SplashID decryption software
Pocket informant
Pocket informant is Calendar, Task, Contacts management software for your BlackBerry. Pocket Informant has the possibility to assign categories or use colors to make your calendar or tasklist a visual useful piece of art! this is why this software was the award winning 2009 best PIM software
Pocket Day Professional
PocketDay Professional is the only Today Screen for the BlackBerry offering complete device integration in one completely customizable interface. PocketDay panels include: Search, Twitter, Missed Calls, Text Messages, Unread Email, Calendar, Tasks, Weather, News, Stocks, Search, World Times, Memos and now supports the new PocketDay Sports Plug-In and the PocketDay Lists Plug-In.
Business Card Reader 4.6
use the camera of your blackberry to "scan" your business cards, and import them instantly to your blackberry contacts book. A great tool for every blackberry user which receives tons of business cards every day.
Todo Matrix 2008
Todo Matrix 2008 is an updated version of Todo Matrix 2007, blackberry software which is not just an other tasks list but which gives you the possibility to create projects and manage their deadlines or follow-up
Antair Snippets
Antair Snippets is Blackberry software which gives you the possibility to create shortcuts for frequently used messages such as replies, signatures, etc. And the best of all this is that you are not required to leave your inbox to open the snippets software and insert the text you want.
SBSH Historia
This blackberry software gives you the possibility to log every call by detail in your calendar, with SBSH Historia you can find back any call instantly just by browsing through your calendar, in that way its for example easier to remember which calls you made just before or just after that important meeting! SBSH Historia is true management blackberry software
Zhiing 4.7
Berry Assistant
Berry Assistant
Multi Click icons 4.7 - 5.0
Multi Click icons
Write on Wallpaper 4.7
Write on wallpaper
Vuvuzela Blackberry 4.7
Blackberry Vuvuzela
Easy Locator GPS
Easy Locator GPS
SBSH Historia
SBSH Historia blackberry history logger
Antair Snippets
Antair Snippets
Mortgage Refinancing Pro
Mortgage refinancing
Best Countdown 4.5
Best Countdown
Health File Plus
Health File Plus
Ultra Today Plus
Ultra Today Plus


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