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Blackberry Utilities

this category contains lots of blackberry utilities which might help you to boost your blackberry or manage hidden settings
MemoryUp RAM Booster
MemoryUp RAM Booster blackberry software from emobistudio is a powerful Java virtual machine (JVM) management and RAM boosting. It takes control of JVM for each BlackBerry system, smartly analyze running J2ME programs
COMPATIBLE BLACKBERRIES: Blackberry 7520, 7100X, 8310, 8703e, 7100g, 7750, 7230, 8830, 8700c, 7130g, 7250, 7100T, 8820, 8705g, 7105t, 7780, 6720, Curve 8300, 8700g, 7130v,
RDM Plus
RDM+ for blackberry is some sort of remote desktop connection for blackberry, use your blackberry to surf the internet, send emails, or do other funny stuff through a blackberry remote desktop connection with your computer. Before you will be able to use RDM Plus your blackberry needs to be equiped with blackberry OS 4.0 however its recommended to have blackberry OS 4.1 or higher
Aerize reclaims blackberry system memory which has leaker from some applications. This small application might give your blackberry a boost. This software requires blackberry 0S 4.0 or higher
Mobile Admin
Rove Mobile Admin allows you to manage your network through a secure blackberry connection. Notice that you will need a trial activation key which you can request for free through the rove website at
Mobile Citrix Client
Mobile Citrix Client for Blackberry allows users to securely access and use any Windows applications published on a Citrix Presentation Server. Notice that, to activate this trial you will need to request a free trial key at
Blackberry Mobile Desktop
Mobile Desktop is a wireless client for Windows Terminal Services, Remote Desktop and Virtual Network Computing (VNC). Notice that, to activate this software you will need to request a trial key at Now you can use your wireless handheld to view, access, and control the desktop of any computer. Solve problems that require the desktop interface, like rescuing failed ser
Mobile SSH
Dramatically reduce network downtime and protect your SLAs by solving problems remotely. Mobile SSH is a secure client-side application for wireless handheld devices. Without server-side components or agents to install, Mobile SSH is easy to deploy on your existing network environment. Notice that, to activate this trial you will need to request an activation key through http://www.rovemobile
SnapScreen 1.0.7 blackberry OS 4.2.2 screenshots
Snapscreen is a tool which makes it possible to take screenshots of your Blackberry screen. This tool works on Blackberry OS 4.2.2
VNC for blackberry
this small application allows you to connect over the mobile network to your desktop computer and perform all tasks which need to be done before you even get home… Requires a VPN server to be installed on your PC
Aerize Card Loader minimum OS 4.2
Get the most out of your BlackBerry device by installing limitless applications from removable media cards - the size of your SD Card is all that is left to worry about. This user-friendly app will install and remove applications on your device from any removable media card. Running applications, storing files, and managing the system all use the same memory on BlackBerry devices. Unfortunately th
Aerize Explorer OS 4.2plus
Aerize Explorer is a convenient file and archive manager. Zip and unzip files; move files; and manage, compress and manipulate files with this user-friendly app. Save disk space on your device with Aerize Explorer. This software works on Blackberry OS 4.2 or greater
Lighton backlight utility
Lighton is an automatic backlight tool for Blackberry OS 4.2 or up which can be set to trigger the backlight at the boot of any application. You just need add application name which you want the backlight to be kept turning on and set the brightness level. example: blackberry maps, whover used this application in the car sure got annoyed when the backlight drops out at the moment you need to kno
Blackberry Profiler is software for blackberry OS 4.2 or greater which allows you to automatically switch profiles during the day.


  • Very easy to use
  • Support up to 16 scheduled profiles
  • Start and end time for each profile
  • Supports Custom profiles
  • Selective days to activate profile
  • Optional
Koolsounds for blackberry
Koolsounds is blackberry software for OS 4.2 and higher which allows you to play certain sounds on system events such as Power on/off, LCD on/off, In/Out Holster, Good/Low Battery, USB connect and disconnect…
Berrylocator for blackberry OS 4.1 or up helps you locate and recover your lost BlackBerry by simply sending an email, when your blackberry contains a GPS device you will even receive a detailed map containing the location of your lost blackberry
SyncJe is BlackBerry OS version 4.0.2 or higher software which allows wireless synchronization of Calendar, Contacts, and Tasks with SyncML servers.
RoBlock is blackberry software for OS 4.2 or greater which allows you to recover your stolen GPS. RoBlock has all cool features to annoy any blackberry thief: REMOTE WIPE, ALARM, Call Back, SIM change alert and all other features you always wanted.
  •   Now Compatible with Blackberry OS 4.5
  •   GPS & Cell based device tracking
  •   Remote interaction
Easy StandBy OS 42
Easy Standby for blackberry puts your blackberry in standby mode when idle so you can save up to 50 percent of your battery power
Berry Commander 4.6
Berry commander 4.6 is an easy to use file management system for blackberry OS 4.6 based on the well known Total Commander software
Blackberry Taskmanager 4.2.1
Blackberry Taskmanager is one of the utilities which are a must have and which should have been implemented in the blackberry from the very first moment, with blackberry taskmanager freeware. Features:
  • Application: View the list of all running apps on your device.
  • System Info: View important parameters about your BlackBerry such as Free RA
Advanced Device Lock 4.2.1
this blackberry software gives you the possibility to set up advanced device locks, from now on you can lock specific applications such as your blackberry messenger or contacts separately without the need of locking your complete device. With advanced device lock for blackberry you can also set an auto lock interval per application. Advanced device lock takes your blackberry security to the next
NetworkAcc is a network acceleration tool for your Blackberry, By default, most mobile network connections for BlackBerry system are not configured to transfer data at their maximum or their most efficient speed. Our software will analyze and optimize your mobile browser and network connection for speedy downloads, faster web-content loading, and an overall improvement on web surfing speed.
Zhiing 4.7
Berry Assistant
Berry Assistant
Multi Click icons 4.7 - 5.0
Multi Click icons
Write on Wallpaper 4.7
Write on wallpaper
Vuvuzela Blackberry 4.7
Blackberry Vuvuzela
Easy Locator GPS
Easy Locator GPS
SBSH Historia
SBSH Historia blackberry history logger
Antair Snippets
Antair Snippets
Mortgage Refinancing Pro
Mortgage refinancing
Best Countdown 4.5
Best Countdown
Health File Plus
Health File Plus
Ultra Today Plus
Ultra Today Plus


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