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Blackberry OTA downloader

Blackberry OTA downloader

Blackberry OTA Downloader is an exclusive blackberry software download which allows you to download OTA files immediately to your desktop.

So what are the benefits of this downloader?

Well, it allows you to backup OTA downloads under any circumstance.

Example: you found this great blackberry theme somewhere on the net, but it's only available OTA and you have a hosted blackberry service (BIS) with a disabled blackberry browser.
All you need to do is copy the OTA downloadlink, paste it in the textbox and press "download".
The OTA file and all required ota contents will be downloaded to a separate folder in the folder where you have placed the Blackberry OTA downloader.

Another great benefit of the Blackberry OTA downloader is that it will allow you to create a backup of all OTA files.

Example: you found this great software or theme but its only available OTA, what if the site which is hosting this file removes the file, or what if the site goes offline?
Well, then you will loose the possibility to ever install this file again.... Blackberry OTA downloader resolves this problem by giving you the possibility to create a backup under any circumstance.


  • Backup OTA downloads on disk.
  • No GPRS connection or blackberry internet required.
  • Install blackberry OTA themes using your desktop software.

How does the Blackberry OTA downloader work?

Well it's simple,

Start the Blackberry OTA downloader, copy the link to the OTA file (the filetype should be .jad)
Paste the URL in the textfield, and click on download.

Blackberry OTA downloader

you will now see a description of your download in the field below, and a list of required files which will be downloaded by the blackberry OTA downloader.
from the moment the download has finished, the folder which contains the download (this is a subfolder of the folder where you placed the Blackberry OTA downloader) will automatically open.
To know how to install a Blackberry OTA file using your desktop manager, please follow THESE instructions.

OTA downloader example

The blackberry OTA downloader as seen below can be downloaded HERE

Blackberry OTA downloader

How to install OTA themes

How to install an OTA download through your desktop?

Well, it’s a bit tricky but once you know how to do it, it’s almost as easy as installing a normal desktop installer download…

First of all, you will need to make sure that all downloaded OTA files are moved on the blackberries device memory or memory card.

Its easy to put it on the memory card,  just connect the blackberry to your computer, enter the mass storage password on the blackberry when asked for and your memory card will pop-up on your computer as if it was a normal memory stick.

If you want to put the download in the device memory, you will need to have the desktop manager installed. When your desktop manager is booted you can go to the “media manager” and browse to the device memory under “my devices”  make sure that the system is set to allow all files to be imported in the device memory.

Once you have uploaded all COD and JAD files you can disconnect the blackberry from the computer.

Now open the media application on the blackberry, and press the left button next to the trackball to open the full menu.  Here you will need to click “explore”.  Now browse to the location where your OTA download is installed.
Once you’ve located the jad and cod files, select the JAD file (it should be only 1 file) and click “open”.  Now you will see the details about this file on your blackberry such as name, version and vendor. Here you will need to select the “download” button on the bottom of the screen.  Once the application is downloaded you will be able to install or use the application.

You are now ready to use your blackberry OTA installation….

Download the selected item from this location

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